Windshield License Plate Holder

by Con-Plates LLC

Conveniently Display Your License Plate Without Compromising The Look Of Your Vehicle.
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display your licence plate in your windshield with con-plates licence plate holder

The “Safe Display” Option for Mounting your Front License Plate


  • Trusted By Fleet And Rental

    Businesses participating in cross state travel may run into issues if not outfitted with the front license plate on proper display. This product is the fastest and most convenient solution for this general automotive concern.

  • Free Shipping With Agreement Of Contract

    Dealerships have brand new cars each year to sell. This is a great opportunity to save time, money, and effort with this product. Dealerships that mount the license plate to the front of a vehicle by drilling it, should know that it can be costly to repair if one wanted to restore the drill holes.

  • The Easiest And Most Affordable Way To Display A Front License Plate

    Our research and development team took time and effort in making sure to find the best resources to ensure safety and meet all legal needs required by the states.

VIDEO : How to Install License Plate Holder

Bolting an aluminum plate to your front end is a TRAGEDY for some! For others it can be just plain inconvenient.

Our research conducted on the road, car shows, auto shops, dealerships, and elsewhere motorists would frequent illustrates the demand from millions of different drivers. Vintage, exotic, sports car, and muscle car professionals all can appreciate this product.

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License Plate Holder


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License Plate Holder